Attractions in Iceland

There are so many attractions to choose from in Iceland. Nature lovers, adventure seekers, artists and those in search for culture – people of all ages and with all sorts of interests can find something to enjoy in Iceland.

The most popular trip to do in Iceland is the Golden Circle tour. This tour combines beautiful nature with history of Iceland as it takes you through a UNESCO heritage national park, past an active geyser and to the stunning waterfall Gullfoss (the Golden waterfall, where the tour lends its name from).

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The most popular attraction in Iceland is The Blue Lagoon, and in summer you can even go inside a volcano!

Other popular tours include a glacier tour, ice cave tour and a variety of self drive tours. By booking a self drive tour you can choose the length of your travel and the destination yourself. See this article for attractions along the ring road of Iceland, and go here to rent a car in Iceland.

Each part of the country is unique and offers something different. There are beautiful waterfalls to admire, colourful mountains to hike, glaciers to cross, rivers to go rafting on and if you’re more of a city person, then there’s obviously the culture and nightlife in Reykjavík. For such a small city, Reykjavík truly is a cosmopolitan city, full of delicious restaurants, interesting galleries, local (but internationally famous) bands and festivals of all kinds. Culture Night in late August is a whole day free festival dedicated to the arts in the city.

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During summertime the days are long, as the sun sets for such a short time that it’s already rising after a couple of hours of a twilit sunset. The wintertime on the other hand offers a different type of nature gazing, as the elusive Northern Lights come out to play. The Icelandic Met Office has an Aurora Forecast on their website, making it easier for people to find out when is a good night to be staring at the sky.

So no matter when you decide to come to Iceland, you’ll be sure to find somewhere to go and something to do!