South Iceland puts you straight in touch with the twin delights of Icelandic nature and culture. 
Right on Reykjavik´s doorstep. In less than an hour you step into a completely different world - though you could spend weeks exploring them to the full.
Icelandic history and heritage are everywhere in South Iceland with many famous sites from the Saga Age to the Reformation. Charming villages, bird life and whale watching opportunities, make South Iceland an ideal place for a day tour from Reykjavík for visitors who don´t have time to explore this region of Iceland in depth.

The whole South Iceland region is easy for travelling on a wide range of organized tours as well as by ordinary rented car. South Iceland´s "Golden Circle" is a real must for sightseers. Its centerpiece is Þingvellir national park, a masterpiece of nature and also known as Iceland´s national shrine for its unique historical role. Other Golden Circle highlights in South Iceland include the mighty Gullfoss ("Golden Falls") and the geothermal fields of Geysir which have given the world the word "geyser" to describe spouting springs, plus views af active volcano Hekla on the way.
The South´s Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is about 45 minute drive from Reykjavik and 20 minute drive from Keflavik International airport, making it an ideal choice as travelers first and or last activity in Iceland.
The Blue Lagoon is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland. The steamy waters are part of a lava formation; the warm waters are rich in minerals like silica and sulphur.

Just off Iceland´s south coast are the Westman Islands, with their impressive natural beauty, abundant birdlife, and eventful history. In 1973 the islanders were forced to abandon their homes on Heimaey Island when a new volcano erupted on the edge of the town. Visitors can hike on the Eldfell volcano that is still smoking after the eruption.
The Westman Islands are the main whale watching port in South Iceland. The most common whales spotted are Minke Whales and Humpack Whales.
The Westman Islands are home to thriving birdlife, including the adorable puffin.