Shopping in Iceland

The sweet little picturesque center of Reykjavik, the Capital of Iceland offers visitors to Icleand the chance to do a spot of unique shopping before returning to their homes. After visiting the tourist sites and taking some of the tours on offer to see Iceland guests can roam the city center and find marvelous shops and stores which offer a variety of Icelandic products. Many interesting items such as the traditional hand knitted Icelandic sweaters are made in Iceland by Icelandic people often practicing a traditional trade such as knitting. The knitted Icelandic sweaters are not the only pieces of Icelandic clothing tourists might want to take a look at on their trip to Icleand. There are several Icelandic stores that make clothing in Iceland that souts a variety of climates, everything from warm summers to harsh winters. These Icelandic clothing brands often have online stores which are worth checking out too. Because Randburg want's to help with everything concerning Iceland you will find a list of some of the better Icelandic stores in the Reykjavik area as well as others which are situated all over Iceland.

Hotels in Iceland

Downtown Shopping in Reykjavik

Laugavegur is the main shopping street in downtown Reykjavik.