SAKEBARINN - Sushi & Sticks

Located on Iceland's main shopping street with a great view and amazing atmosphere.

That loft, which is located in one of Iceland's oldest buildings (1886) is now occupied with our creation, our baby. We call it Sakebarinn and we're really, really proud of it. It's at a beautiful location, surrounded by windows that look down Austurstræti and up Skólavörðustígur, centred in the very heart of downtown Reykjavík. We see the northern light from the balcony in the winter time and then the amazing summer sunsets over the harbour. We're just really proud of it.

Our group is mostly put together of people that have a keen interest for the arts and crafts and a wealth of creative assets to play with. We have a lot of fun. Even though we have a strong foundation in pure Japanese, the current style of Sakebarinn is the result of flying solo and ignoring some of the rules of the traditional. Sushi is meant to be an art form. That's what it is to us.

Along with our hand crafted sushi, we also have a selection of sticks and other meat courses, featuring whale and horse and whatever else we feel like making, anything that's fresh and interesting that day. Why live on an island in the middle of the Atlantic if you're not gonna take advantage of the natural fauna. Along with the local seafood, we also carry some more exotic things, tuna and octopus and the likes, just to keep things interesting, although we often find that what's exotic to us is the most basic for other nations and vice versa. A little something for everyone. Our sushi is always made with hands, no fast food or shortcuts. It's love on a plate, you will feel it when you taste it.

It's also no accident that the place is named Sakebarinn. It does features the country's largest selection of sake. A shot before a meal really enhances the feel of a truly Japanese dining experience. It has a surprising range of flavour too, everything from really girly fruit sake to the fire spewing alcohol content of some of our more butch types. Potato sake, warm and cold sake. Japanese plum wine and the bottles that didn't make it on to the menu because we can't read the labels and don't therefore don't know what they are. Mystery sake!

It's been interesting to see the development of Sakebarinn. A place born to showcase the talents we've collected over the years working at our first Sushi restaurant called Sushibarinn, which is located at the first floor in the same house. A year and a wild ride later, the sushi family has incorporated a bunch of new and talented people. Some great new recipes and skills we didn't know we had and didn't even know it existed. The walls are hand painted by us, the wine selected by us, menu is designed by us and it is loved by us. We actually love to present food so our clients become part of our love for sushi. The look on your face is what we are aiming for, the look of enjoyment. That is what we aim for, that's 

We're just really proud of it!

Laugavegur 2
101 Reykjavik