Parts of Iceland

Historically, Iceland was divided into farthings or quarters, (litterally four things) or Landsfjórðungur (singular), landsfjórðungar (plural) in Icelandic. Each named after the cardinal directions: South Iceland, West iceland, East iceland and North Iceland.

These were administrative divisions established in 965 for the purpose of organising regional assemblies called farthing assemblies (Icelandic: fjórðungsþing) and for regional courts called farthing courts (Icelandic: fjórðungsdómar). Each farthing contained three local assemblies (held in spring and autumn) except the Norðlendingafjórðungur which had four.

For our purposes, and for the aid and ease of those wanting to travel in Iceland, we have chosen to revive these quarter divisions of the country, adding the capital region of Reykjavik and central Iceland to the four creating six main parts of Iceland.
In each region of Iceland you will find information on things to do in Icleand, what to see, where to stay, which tours to take and where to dine.

We aim to make your stay in Iceland an enjoyable one.