Icelandic Wool products

Icelandic wool is unlike any other type of wool. It comes from a stock of Icelandic sheep which for over a thousand years lived in total isolation and absence of contact with other breeds. Icelandic fleeces are among the rarest in the world, grown only in the mountains of Iceland. The Icelandic wool is made up of two types of fibers, coarse and fine. While the former are long, glossy, tough and water resistant, the latter tend to be softer and more insulating, providing a high resistance to cold and possessing a unique texture and natural colors. Not only is Icelandic wool wonderfully light and flexible, but also tremendously warm. No other wool is lighter, warmer, or more water-resistant. The Icelandic wool has traditonally been used to knit and in modern Iceland knitted Icelandic sweaters are becoming something of a luxury item. The Icelandic knitwear has also become popular with tourists and is available in stores in Iceland.

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Istex produces and sells Alafosslopi and other Lopi yarns for hand knitting. They also manufacture industrial yarns for knitting, weaving and carpet manufacturing. 


The Varma brand includes socks, mittens, hats, headbands, gloves, scarves and shawls, as well as a selection of sweaters, cardigans and capes made from high quality Icelandic wool.  The Icelandic wool product lines range from traditional styles and patterns following the latest fashion trends.