Fishing in Iceland

Iceland is to a large degree shaped by the ocean and the livelihood of Icelanders has been moulded by the ever-present sea throughout the centuries. Fishing in Iceland in the early 20th century accounted for almost 90% of the national income which came directly from the sea in the form of fish and products thereof. Today the Icleandic fish industry is a thriving business and Icleandic businesses export quality Icleandic fish all over the world.  

If nothing else this history of fishing in Iceland illustrates the richness of the Icelandic waters which are teaming with marine life. The main reason for these rich waters lie in the currents of ocean water which are laden with nutrients, when they get closer to Iceland they hit an obstacle in the form of sub-oceanic ridges forcing them up towards the sunlight which, in the summer months lasts often 20 hours a day. This enables algae to bloom in enormous quantities, and thus form nutrients upon which the whole ecosystem thrives, a multitude of species of zooplankton convert these to food for ever larger organisms, weather it be Icelandic fish, Icelandic whales or icelandic birds. Whale watching in Iceland has become world renowned and there is a 98% chance of seeing some of these beautiful creatures on a whale watching tour in Icleand.

Hotels in Iceland

HB Grandi

HB Grandi is one of the largest fishing companies in Iceland and a leader in its field. 

Iceland Fish Online

Welcome to Iceland Fish Online and our new website. Seafood is our heritage and tradition and our aim is simple: To bring you the best and freshest seafood directly from Iceland to your kitchen.

Icelandic Group

Icelandic Group is uniquely positioned in the seafood sector with its international network of production and marketing companies in Europe and Asia. 


LYSI was established in 1938 and since that time has built up extensive knowledge in the production of marine lipids, to become a global leader in its field. 


Marel is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of high-tech processing equipment for the food industry.