Entertainment in Iceland

Iceland offers some unique opportunities in the way of entertainment, the Reykjavik nightlife is legendary and the capital city boasts of many award winning restaurants and plenty of festivals and activities. 

Iceland can either be a place for a quiet relaxing holiday, with nature in Icleand bringing out the zen in you or you can go for a more lively and 
active visit with exciting sports or shopping in Iceland.  

For an active holiday in Icleand try cycling on the many designated paths or play a round of golf in Iceland on one at one of the country’s golf courses. Midnight gold is also a possibility during the summer in Icleand when it is possible to play golf in Iceland 24 hours a day due to the midnight sun. Hiking is another popular past time for tourists in Icleand and there are some unbelivable natural sites to see including the many glaciers in Iceland and volcanoes in Icleand. Horse riding tours can be arranged on Iceland’s indigenous pure breed horses. Other outdoor pursuits consist of skiing, river rafting, kayaking on the open sea and fishing. One outdoor event worth seeing is the Reykjavik Marathon held every year in August. Thousands of competitors from all over the world take part.
There are also many exciting and unique tours in Icleand for tourists on Holiday in Iceland such as the Glacier tours or whale watching tours which are well worth taking part in. Husavik in the north of 
the country provides the best opportunities to see some of the rarer 
species of whales.
Iceland is rich in the arts and hosts a number of interesting events.
Icelandic people love the movies and Reykjavik has seven cinemas, with films shown in their original language with Icelandic subtitles. Every autumn, the Reykjavik International Film Festival and the Iceland International Film Festival attract film buffs from all over the world. From films to movies, the Iceland Airwaves Festival each October is growing in international acclaim as it hosts more and more rock bands and alternative artists from around the world. The Reykjavik Jazz Festival also takes place in autumn with an all-star lineup of famous jazz artists from around the world. 
New Year’s Eve is also full of spectacular tradition like the lighting of bonfires, parties and fireworks, the partying continues long after New Year; in late January the Icelandic people celebrate Thorrablot, an ancient festival full of traditonal Icelandic food and two days before Lent, they celebrate Bolludagur or Buns Day. On this unique festival, homes, restaurants and bakeries produce delicious cream buns and children wake their parents with special bun wands.

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